School Committees

Here is a list of all current school committee members as of August 2015 in Excel and .  You should check your district website to see if there are any changes to this.

In August 2015, Parents Across RI sent a survey out to all School Committee Members and asked the following questions:

– Do you expect to run for re-election when your current term expires?
Think for a moment about your district. What makes your district great? What makes you most proud?
What are the most important challenges you see in your district as we enter in to the 2015/2016 school year?
Does your district have a policy that requires students to participate in state wide testing (like PARCC)?
While there is not a state mandate to require students to participate in state assessments like PARCC, some districts have passed local policies that would require participation in the state assessments.  If your district were to propose a policy to require participation in state assessments, would you vote in favor of that policy?
We also welcomed any other comments on to be shared with Parents Across RI.  Please click on your district page and find your district for answers to the survey questions, as offered by your School Committee Members