Portsmouth School Committee

Name Email Phone Elected Term Expiration
Terri Cortvriend cortvriendt@portsmouthsc.org   (401) 683-3408 Nov-12 Oct-16
Emily Copeland copelande@portsmouthsc.org (401) 683-2086 Nov-12 Oct-16
Jessica A. Lineberger linebergerj@portsmouthsc.org 401) 487-2429 Nov-14 Oct-18
Thomas R. Vadney vadneyt@portsmouthsc.org (401) 683-3967 Nov-14 Oct-18
Andrew Kelly kellya@portsmouthsc.org (401) 683-7522 Nov-12 Oct-16
John Wojichowski wojichowskij@portsmouthsc.org (401) 293-5690 Nov-14 Oct-18
Frederick Faerber III faerberf@portsmouthsc.org (401) 293-0611 Nov-14 Oct-18

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