PARCC Results 2015

Rhode Island 2015 PARCC Results can be downloaded here:


Download a summary of the 2015 PARCC results here Council Briefing 11-17-15 9-20 final


You can read PARCC questions that were administered to all students who took the test (not just in Rhode Island) in 2015, and how they were graded here: The website has a list of each question, sample responses from students, and how those responses were graded, and is good resource for families that simply want to know what was on the test.  Spend some time going through this if you are interested in seeing what the test looked like in 2014/2015.

We have heard (though not officially from RIDE) that if your family refused the test in 2014/2015, you can expect to receive a ‘sample score sheet’ which will show you what information you would have gotten if your child took the test.

We have no reason to expect that PARCC results will be any different in Rhode Island than they have been in any other state that has already released results – ( see Ohio’s results , ) fewer than 35 or 40 percent proficiency overall with some districts performing better and worse, depending on a great deal of factors.  But the reality is, this number is irrelevant.  The PARCC test has never been validated by a third party to ensure it’s a good test of anything.  Until now, parents and teachers have not been allowed to see the test questions.  The test doesn’t tell a teacher anything s/he doesn’t already know and does not have diagnostic value for any individual child’s education.

At the October 7 meeting of the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education, t his presentation on PARCC was offered to the council in preparation for the release of the scores. At that same meeting, Commissioner Wagner opened a conversation about RI’s Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements: 151007 – Encl3d_Graduation_Requirements. The suggestion in the conversation is that one test cannot be the determining factor of receiving a diploma, and that the council needs to make a determination on what the requirements need to be by August 2016, before this year’s 8th graders start high school.

On November 2, RIDE held a meeting for interested groups at which the release of PARCC results were discussed. The presentation can be viewed here: .

Parents Across Rhode Island continues to have concerns about the use of PARCC assessments and the validity of the results.  The discussion about graduation requirements is a welcome one, and suggests to us that there is acknowledgement that one test cannot be weighted so heavily.

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