Mary Ann Roll

Q1: Contact Information


Name Mary Anne Roll

District Lincoln

Title on Committee (if any) Vice-chair

City/Town Lincoln

State/Province RI

ZIP/Postal Code 02865

Email Address


Q2: Were you elected or appointed to your position?




Q3: When were you first elected/appointed to the School Committee? When does your term expire?


First Elected 11/06/2004

Current Term Expiration 01/01/2017


Q4: Do you expect to run for re-election when your current term expires?




PAGE 3: Current Issues Facing RI Students

Q5: Think for a moment about your district. What makes your district great? What makes you most proud?


The great work done everyday by professional educators (administrators, teachers and staff) on behalf of all the children who come through our doors.

Q6: What are the most important challenges you see in your district as we enter in to the 2015/2016 school year?


Resources will grow increasingly tested as current funding formula moves closer to being fully funded and charter tuitions continue to disproportionately divert dollars away from the “traditional” public schools. Ramping up technology in all our classrooms to ensure that all teacher and students have access to 21st century tools in the classroom.

PAGE 4: Requiring PARCC Testing

Q7: Does your district have a policy that requires students to participate in state wide testing (like PARCC)?


Other (please specify) The Lincoln School Committee signed a contract supporting the state’s request for funding under Race to the Top. In doing so, we committed to both the Common Core and PARCC – neither of which existed at the time the application was submitted.


Q8: While there is not a state mandate to require students to participate in state assessments like PARCC, some districts have passed local policies that would require participation in the state assessments. If your district were to propose a policy to require participation in state assessments, would you vote in favor of that policy?


Other (please specify) I believe that a policy that would have regulatory effect should be uniform across the state and should come from RIDE/Board of Regents. I personally do not believe we can compel parents to send their child to school on a given day. That said, districts may be subject to penalties should parents “op out” in significant numbers negatively impacting the reliability of the data that PARCC is meant to provide. In Lincoln, the Superintendent did not bring a policy to the school committee last year regarding the “opting out”. We followed the guidance from RIDE. Students whose parents “opted out” did so without penalty. The challenge for schools was providing an alternative learning environment during the time that tests were being administered.


Q9: If you have other comments on PARCC or other testing policies, please share them here.


I believe the future of PARCC is at risk at this time and will be determined by the profitability of the test.

Regardless, school districts should continue to review and revise the all the tests (formative, summative and standardized) currently used to determine their purpose and usefulness.

PAGE 5: Final Thoughts

Q10: Thank you for participating in our first School Committee Survey. If you have any thing you would like to know, you can share those comments here or email us at

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