Joel Monteiro

Q1: Contact Information
  • Name Joel Monteiro
  • District East Providence
  • City/Town East Providence
  • State/Province RI
  • ZIP/Postal Code 02914
  • Email Address
Q2: Were you elected or appointed to your position?
  • Elected
Q3: When were you first elected/appointed to the School Committee? When does your term expire?
  • First Elected 11/04/2012
  • Current Term Expiration 11/30/2016
Q4: Do you expect to run for re-election when your current term expires?
  • Yes
PAGE 3: Current Issues Facing RI Students
Q5: Think for a moment about your district. What makes your district great? What makes you most proud?

The sense of ownership. 40% of our teachers and staff live in the city. We care for each other’s children, and the future of our district.

Q6: What are the most important challenges you see in your district as we enter in to the 2015/2016 school year?

Like many…funding. We have a teacher contract that is up for renewal in 2 yrs. We have capital improvements that need attention, as well as the need for more advanced programs for our thriving students.

PAGE 4: Requiring PARCC Testing
Q7: Does your district have a policy that requires students to participate in state wide testing (like PARCC)?
  • Other (please specify) I approved our policy, because while it is not mandated, we were told there were funds attached to testing that we definitely need.
Q8: While there is not a state mandate to require students to participate in state assessments like PARCC, some districts have passed local policies that would require participation in the state assessments.  If your district were to propose a policy to require participation in state assessments, would you vote in favor of that policy?
  • Other (please specify) Again, as long as funds are linked, I don’t know how any district can afford not to participate. I hate it.
Q9: If you have other comments on PARCC or other testing policies, please share them here.

I am against any testing that does not help the specific child that was tested. Let the teachers teach and assess, as they are the trained professionals.

PAGE 5: Final Thoughts
Q10: Thank you for participating in our first School Committee Survey.  If you have any thing you would like to know, you can share those comments here or email us at

Thank you for putting this together. I have two children in our district, and I trust our teachers to develop them into bright young adults. Keep funding in public schools, and there would be no need for charters, as we would have all the resources available. 😉

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