Exeter/West Greenwich

On August 12, 2015, the EWG School Committee Passed a resolution that would effectively require all students to take state assessments: EWG Policy on Testing.

This does not change the reality that parents and students can still refuse to participate in state assessments; there is no law that requires participation, only a law that requires the district to administer a test.  As explained by this parent in a Letter to the Editor in Smithfield,  by refusing to participate in tests, families are simply noting to districts that they are knowingly breaking a rule.  Please note that the ramifications for breaking that rule have not been made clear by the district.

Parents Across Rhode Island encourages all parents to contact their local School Committees to ask what ramifications the district intends to impose for refusing participation in a state assessment.

Superintendents in other districts, like Bristol/Warren, have verbally indicated that there will be no ramifications imposed on Grades 3-8 for non-participation, but that in grades 9-11, the district could prevent a child from graduating due to non-participation. The ACLU has a history of stepping in when districts take this extreme position.

Contact your School Committee for more information and guidance on how to proceed.  Refusal letters can be found here.


Sheryl R. Green Srgreen12@hotmail.com Phone: 397-8180 Dec-14 Nov-18 Survey Results
Diane Bampton Allen dianeballen@hotmail.com Phone: 294-4740 Dec-14 Nov-18 Survey Results
Lee Kissinger lkkissinger@verizon.net Phone: 397-3589 Jan-12 Dec-15 Survey Results
Theresa Donovan tcdonovan@cox.com Phone: 295-4151 Dec-10 Nov-14 Survey Results
Valerie Zuercher – Clerk vjzuercher@cox.net Phone: 294-3034 Dec-08 Nov-12 Survey Results
Mark Rafanelli, Vice Chairperson rafanelli@cox.net Phone: 226-7577 Dec-08 Nov-12 Survey Results
Claudine Pande, Chairperson Cpande20@cox.com Cell: 595-5368 Dec-10 Nov-14 Survey Results


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