Burrillville School Committee

Name Email Phone Elected Term Expiration
Mark Brizard brizardm@bsd-ri.net (401) 567-9275 Nov-12 Oct-16
Mike Karmozyn, Vice-Chairperson karmozynm@bsd-ri.net (401) 568-3745 Nov-12 Oct-16
Silvia St. Pierre, Clerk st.pierres@bsd-ri.net (401) 568-8885 Nov-14 Oct-18
Dorothy Cardon (401) 568-4913 Nov-12 Oct-16
Alexandra LeClair leclaira@bsd-ri.net (401) 636-7600 Nov-14 Oct-18
Joshua Tessier tessierj@bsd-ri.net (401) 371-2888 Nov-14 Oct-18
Raymond Trinque trinquer@bsd-ri.net (401) 568-0858 Nov-14 Oct-18

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