Accountability System

As part of our work with RIDE in the 2016/2017 school year, Parents Across RI is contributing to the conversation regarding the state’s accountability system for its schools. Some – but not all – components of the system have to meet certain guidelines as outlined by ESSA.

Here is a summary of two models – written by RIDE – which the Committee of Practitioners considered at its  September 2016 meeting: Two Accountability Models.

In September 2016, Parents Across RI shared the following email with parents to solicit input from parents on the Accountability Sytem:

that describes how schools in our state are currently rated. This is important because, in our experience, district policies will work to achieve the goals sets by RIDE. (Everyone wants an “A”, right?) So how school are rated will often dictate the things administrators focus on for schools. Take look and see if this reflects how you, as a parent, think your school should be rated.

This is about what the ESSA says states must do.

We were asked to survey folks to answer RIDE’s questions:
“- How could we design Rhode Island’s accountability system so that it reflects the priorities and values of your community?”
“- What features would the accountability index, the classification system, and report cards need to have in order to promote collective responsibility for improving all schools and meeting the vision of the strategic plan?”
If you have input on this topic, please send an email to [email protected] or send us a PM here.